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Taking Good Photos

Taking Good, Clear Photos (3 Quick Tips)

Tip 1

Check Camera Settings

Make sure your camera settings are correct.

Be sure that you are in the most common 16×9 aspect ratio setting.

Tip 2

Landscape (wide screen) mode

Make sure you’re taking all of your photos in wide screen or landscape mode To do this, simply hold your camera or cell phone horizontally.

Make sure you backup far enough so the entire vehicle fits into the screen.

Tip 3

Location, Location, Location

Find a nice place outdoor to take your photos. Think city park, a lake shore or a golf course.

Make sure to pay attention to the background. You don’t want it to be too busy. Think about using a nice scenic backdrop for your photos.

Make sure you scan the entire background before you take the picture. You don’t want any people, other vehicles or distractions in the background.

How to Take the Required Photos and Get them Submitted

1. Your Title and VIN Tag

We need 3 separate clear photos. One of the front of your title, one of the back and the third photo is your VIN tag on the vehicle. (It’s your responsibility to verify that the VIN number on the title and the VIN number on  tag match before submitting your vehicle for consignment.)

Does Your Title Match?

First, find your title, locate the VIN number, then take out to your vehicle and compare the VIN tag and title are a match.
(If your VIN number does not match your title, call us right away. A lot of times we can help.

2. Exterior of Your Vehicle

We need 8 separate, clear, exterior photos of your entire vehicle.

There is a simple pattern that you can use to make sure you get all 8 exterior vehicle photos.

Start with the front left and work your way around the vehicle. Starting with what is called the ‘Lead shot’.

Photo #1 start with the front left of your vehicle, #2 left side, #3 left rear, and #4 the rear of your vehicle. Then move to the other side. Photo #5 is the right rear of your vehicle, #6, the right side, #7 the right front and #8 the final photo is the front of your vehicle.

Good clear photos are the best tool Remlinger Auctions has for marketing and selling your vehicle.

3. Interior of Your Vehicle

Before you take photos you want to make sure the inside of the vehicle is clean and clutter free. 2-3 photos of the dashboard and other interior shots.

4. Engine Photo of Your Vehicle

We only need 1 photo of the entire engine. Make sure to get the entire engine compartment in this photo. Once you have 1 good photo of the entire engine feel free to take 2-3 more from different angles or even a few closeup photos.

5.The Beauty Shots

This is where you can express your creative side and really hone in on what makes your car special. this could be a unique feature or factory original option of the vehicle. Try to limit the beauty shots to 2 or 3 photos.

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