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We know auctions! Remlinger provides the most complete and transparent online auctions, and auctioneer services in the area.

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Our goal is to put the consignor at ease. After a consultation, we stage items for sale. Consignments are cataloged, sold and we quickly release payments.

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Our goal is to be the best auction company in the area! We build clientele through hard work, trust, successful sales and friendly service.

Building and maintaining a collection of automobiles is very much an art form, and it is a process that can take decades to accomplish. By the same token, the divesture of that “art” can also be an arduous undertaking for both the curator as well as his heirs. 

At Remlinger’s we are aware of the inherent obstacles that face many families with valuable collections when they are looking to make that transition from owner to the next generation of caretaker. This process is often not as easy or straightforward as it may seem. While proper valuation and subsequent liquidation may be the primary goal of the estate, there are many instances where we find that family members need to be counseled as to what part of the collection should be sold and which part might need to be kept, depending on current market conditions and the desires of the individual heirs. It is that counsel that gives our firm its strong reputation.

Unlike large auction companies, we are a small “house” which we feel works to the ultimate benefit of the client. Our two Principals have over 60 years of experience in the auction business, plus a reputation for producing world-class restorations on domestic and foreign cars. These are the two people who meet with our clients—not some outside appraiser or in-house subordinate. Jim and Dave, together, meet with the family–often repeatedly–to answer all questions and provide timely advice. This is the kind of personal service the large firms do not provide. The backbone of their success is reflected in  meeting the needs of the client, regardless of the size of the collection.

We hope you will keep Remlinger Collector Car Auctions in mind when reviewing and executing estate plans that involve motorized vehicles. We are here to help, and the size of our business allows us to provide a personal dimension that has been applauded by our former clients. 

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